3 Angels players who gain the most from their latest trade with the Braves

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3) Kyren Paris

Kyren Paris is another middle infielder who stands to gain from Fletcher's departure. He didn't show much of anything at the MLB level when given the chance making him unlikely to play a huge role right away in 2024, but with Fletcher gone he at least has more of a shot.

Paris might not have the MLB numbers Stefanic has, but he happens to be one of the Angels' top prospects. He's ranked fifth overall per MLB Pipeline and is considered the team's best middle infield prospect in the system. Weak system, obviously, but Paris has some potential.

While Fletcher and Stefanic are a bit similar with their offensive profiles, Paris offers a different set of skills. He doesn't have their hit tool, but hits for more power and has much better speed and athleticism. It's unclear how well he'll hit at the MLB level, but he can still provide value off the bench as a potential pinch-runner.

Paris is less likely to make the roster than Stefanic, but again, Fletcher's departure gives him at least a chance to do so. If it does happen, we might be surprised with how he plays. We know what we'd get from Fletcher, Paris is more unproven.