3 Angels players who stepped up big in April

Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels
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2) LA Angels reliever Matt Moore has provided stability in any spot he's used

While Estevez has the defined role of being the back-end right-handed reliever, Matt Moore has been used in virtually any spot imagineable throughout the first month of the season.

Moore, like Estevez, was signed this past offseason and so far has shown that his breakout 2022 campaign was not a fluke. Moore and Estevez are the only two relievers I really trust out of this bullpen which tells you the work that has to be done, but also tells you how great those two have been.

Moore has been used in the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth innings this season. He's been used when the Angels are behind or ahead. He's been used for three outs or even six outs on one occasion. No matter what spot he's put in, Moore continues to be lights out for the Halos.

Like Estevez, Moore has made 13 appearances. He's also allowed three runs (two earned) over his 14.1 innings of work. He has a 1.26 ERA so far.

The Angels bullpen has been below average to bad late in games. Moore has shown an ability to be used in virtually any spot imagineable and get the job done. I have no clue where the Angels would be if they didn't sign him late in the offseason with how the rest of the bullpen has pitched.