3 Angels players who stepped up big in April

Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels
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3) LA Angels outfielder Hunter Renfroe has been the best run producer on the team

If there's one thing everyone knows about the Angels, it's that they have the superstar talent. Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout are arguably the two best baseball players on planet earth. They're certainly two of the best hitters in the game today. In Trout's case, one of the best ever.

Even with those two on the team, guess who's leading it in RBI? Hint, it's a new guy. It's Hunter Renfroe.

The veteran outfielder not only leads the team with his 20 RBI, but he's tied with Trout and Ohtani for the team lead in home runs with seven. Part of the reason Renfroe is where he is on the team leaderboards is because Trout and Ohtani haven't exactly hit their strides yet, but Renfroe has also been quite good for the Halos.

The Angels offense has been maddeningly inconsistent to start the year. This is a team that should be among the league leaders in runs scored. They're currently eighth which isn't bad, but they've also fattened up on teams like the Athletics and Royals. They haven't hit enough against quality pitching.

April has statistically been Renfroe's worst month in his career. His .733 OPS in the colder weather is the lowest of any month, and his .228 average is his second-worst mark. Renfroe's best month has historically been May, so maybe he'll continue to build off of his strong start to this season.

While the rest of the offense has for the most part failed to hold up their end of the bargain, Renfroe has been the one consistent piece for this team.

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