3 Angels players who weren't non-tendered but might soon lose their roster spot

It's possible we see the Angels DFA players to open more 40-man roster spots.
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The Los Angeles Angels made the decision to non-tender Jose Marte at the non-tender deadline. This came as a bit of a surprise as Marte hadn't hit arbitration yet, but it's also not super shocking because it felt like he was a legitimate DFA candidate.

Marte might have been the only casualty by that deadline, but the Angels will have to eventually make more moves for one obvious reason. The 40-man roster stands at 38 for now. This means the Angels can add two players via free agency or trade before they'd have to DFA someone to open up more spots if they choose to add more than a pair of players. Based on the current state of this Angels roster, it's safe to assume Perry Minasian will be looking to make more than two moves this offseason.

Here are the next five players who could wind up losing their roster spot as the Angels try and improve what is very clearly a lackluster roster.

1) Jose Suarez

Jose Suarez was a prime non-tender candidate as we approached the non-tender deadline. He might be just 25 years old and he might have previous success, but his 2023 was so bad to the point where he really needs to be gone. Suarez was unusable in the rotation, and doesn't have a home in the bullpen either.

What really seals Suarez's Angels fate is the fact that he's out of options. This means the Angels cannot send him down without him clearing waivers. We already know he's not a legitimate rotation option, and Suarez likely won't be considered a big bullpen option either, especially with the way Kenny Rosenberg finished out the year.

How the Angels get rid of Suarez remains to be seen. They'll likely attempt to trade him, and I do think he'll have some value as a 25-year-old left-hander with previous success, but there's certainly a chance nobody will want him. If that's the case, the team will simply have to non-tender him. If the Angels want to put the best 26-man roster on the field, Suarez isn't a part of it. That's what this comes down to.