3 Angels prospects heading into a make or break year

It's time for these Angels prospects to really improve.
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3) Trey Cabbage

Trey Cabbage burst onto the scene in 2023 after putting up monstrous numbers for AAA Salt Lake. The 26-year-old practically forced his way into a chance in the majors after slashing .306/.379/.596 with 30 home runs and 89 RBI in AAA Salt Lake. He also chipped in 32 stolen bases and 25 doubles. Bonkers numbers.

Playing in the PCL obviously helped Cabbage as it helps every hitter, but some of the home runs he hit were so majestic to the point where they'd be hit out anywhere. In addition to his light-tower power and really impressive speed, Cabbage is a versatile player which helps the Angels as well. He can play all three outfield positions as well as first base. He's not a great defender, but he has the ability to move around.

Cabbage had his chance in the majors and like his counterparts, really struggled to make contact. When he did make contact the ball traveled pretty far as four of his 11 hits went for extra bases. The problem is, he fanned 26 times in 53 at-bats. He struck out 46.4% of his MLB at-bats which is pretty hard to fathom, albeit in a small sample.

Cabbage has the ability to make an impact with his legs and his bat when he makes contact, but he didn't do it nearly enough to survive in the majors. At 26 years old and not being a high-end prospect, the time is now for Cabbage to show that he can improve that hit tool a bit. If he does, he might have a future in the majors. If not, who knows how long he can stay in the organization.