3 Angels prospects who should not be traded and 2 who should

If the Angels do buy at the trade deadline, some prospects will be traded
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LA Angels prospect Ky Bush should not be moved at the trade deadline

Things haven't gone quite as smoothly as the Angels hoped it would with Ky Bush. The southpaw was a second-round pick in the Angels all-pitching draft of 2021 and is clearly the Angels best pitching prospect.

Bush is ranked as the third-best Angels prospect overall, and their best pitcher. The next best is Ben Joyce, a reliever, at eight. Caden Dana is next at nine. The dropoff is steep, and for an organization starved for pitching, Bush is a guy who can't be moved.

I'm not under the belief Bush is a future ace or anything, but I do believe his future is in a starting rotation. Last season he made 21 starts for AA Rocket City and posted a 3.67 ERA in 103 innings of work. The most encouraging part about Bush is he only walked 29 batters (2.5 BB/9).

Bush's numbers aren't great this season and he did miss substantial time due to injury, but I believe he's a guy who can contribute at some point next season and be a quality back end starter. With the Angels farm system lacking quality arms, Bush isn't a guy they can really afford to move.