3 Angels takeaways from the biggest series win of the season vs. the Rangers

Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers
Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers / Sam Hodde/GettyImages
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3) The LA Angels still have yet to reach their ceiling

The Angels showed this series that they have meaningful depth. They have a deep lineup, a deep bullpen, and even the rotation pitched pretty well against such a high-powered offense. Even with that being said, they're a team built around stars. Shohei Ohtani showed up, the others did not.

Mike Trout had just one hit in ten at-bats this series. Yes, he walked five times, but he's supposed to be much more than that. He drove in one run in four games hitting behind the red-hot Ohtani and continued to look beaten on fastballs.

Eventually you have to assume Trout is going to find his groove offensively. The slump has gone on way too long and he's way too good of a hitter to not figure it out. Maybe this weekend against a horrible Royals team will help him.

Anthony Rendon hasn't been the star we expected him to be as an Angel, but before his injury he was playing really well. He was hitting over .300 and was hitting in the clutch, even if he wasn't hitting for power.

Since returning from the IL, he's looked like a shell of that player. Rendon has two hits in 30 at-bats since his return and had one hit in 17 at-bats in this series. Now, I know Rendon couldn't swing in his three at-bats last night after being hit by a pitch, but he had one hit in 14 at-bats before that.

It's safe to assume both Trout and Rendon will get going offensively. When that happens, watch out. They're playing well right now without their third and fourth hitters doing anything. Imagine when they're actually hitting.