3 Angels trade rumors to squelch before they gain any traction

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The Tim Anderson fit still isn't there for the LA Angels

The Angels infield depth has taken a serious hit with Gio Urshela done for likely the rest of the season, Zach Neto out for another while, and Anthony Rendon on the IL for the short term.

The only conceivable way the Angels trade for a player like Tim Anderson is if Neto's absence is prolonged by a while, and even if that happens I'm not sure a player like Anderson is someone the Angels should be looking at.

Anderson is a great player and a two-time all-star but he's also in the midst of his worst season. He's slashing .245/.284/.288 without a single home run and only 11 RBI. To put it lightly, that's brutal.

Anderson is a shortstop who is not good defensively, so if he isn't hitting there isn't much appeal to adding him.

He just played his first game at second base, but the Angels don't really need any help there with Brandon Drury doing a fine job at the position. The Angels would need more help at first base, but Anderson doesn't provide that. Even if they move Drury over to first, I'm not sure I want Anderson playing out of position anyway, especially when he has done nothing with the bat.

Anderson is a fun player to watch when he's going well, but this season has not been kind. I'd be shocked to see the Angels pursue him.

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