3 early pitching trade deadline targets for LA Angels

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No. 1 early pitching trade deadline target for LA Angels: Luis Castillo

The Cincinnati Reds are in a very similar position as the A's in which they are having an awful season. That should indicate that trading Luis Castillo is a very valid option for them to at least start building for the future. The LA Angels were in on him during the offseason, and would likely be interested again.

As for the type of pitcher Castillo is, he did look bad in his first and only start of the season (he started on the IL but is healthy now). But, it was just one start. The larger sample size and body of work that he's put forward his entire six-year career has been excellent.

Posting a 3.73 ERA in his career as well as a 122 ERA+ and 9.8 K/9 rate suggests that Castillo certainly can pitch at a high level, and he's only 29. The Angels absolutely should work to make a move for him.

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The issue with the Angels at the deadline will be one similar to the offseason and last year's deadline in that they don't have very many good prospects waiting in the wings. The trade bait may not be there. It's still absolutely worth working the phones, though, as the Halos have the chance to do something special that this franchise hasn't seen in quite a while.