3 hitters the Angels could've gotten instead of C.J. Cron and Randal Grichuk

Listing 3 players who the Angels realistically could've landed in a trade before the trade deadline.
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Tommy Pham, OF, Mets

Yes, Tommy Pham isn't as good statistically as other outfielders on the market, but I do think that he could've provided some good depth on the roster for not as steep of an asking price. Considering the Mets are having a serious letdown of a season, they seem to be pretty open about listening to trade offers for some of their more available players.

Already trading a disappointed Scherzer to the Rangers and currently shopping Justin Verlander to various teams around the league, they clearly are in a selling position and would be definitely open to trading Pham.

Also considering he's 35 years old it will be a lot more difficult for the Mets to argue for a higher asking price for his services. Even at that age he has played in 79 games for the Mets and has been having one of his best seasons at the plate batting .268 with 10 HR's.

The Angels would've only had to give up an average prospect in their organization to add a player who could fill in well on the roster.