3 LA Angels need to take advantage of extra playing time after David Fletcher injury

Andrew Velazquez, LA Angels
Andrew Velazquez, LA Angels / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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With David Fletcher (hip) out for the LA Angels, there are three Halo middle infielders that need to take advantage of more playing time that they'll secure now that the team is a man down. Fletcher had surgery on his adductor muscles and will not be able to play for the next couple of months:

While this is a blow to the Angels in terms of depth, it gives a few other Angels the opportunity to secure more playing time not only now, but later.

Both Fletcher and Matt Duffy have battled injuries this season, and they were considered by many to be the two front runners for the most starting opportunities in this middle infield platoon before the season. Now that they're not in the picture, three players in particular need to fight for opportunities the most.

No. 3 LA Angel who needs to take advantage of extra playing time after David Fletcher injury: Luis Rengifo

Luis Rengifo has obviously been playing much more with the LA Angels after David Fletcher went down, and he needs to take advantage of that. Perhaps he sticks around, or at least sticks around longer than expected even when Fletcher comes back if he has strong performance in Fletch's absence.

After all, it's not like Fletcher is a tremendous ballplayer these days. He's elite defensively, but even last year when he was healthy he only hit .262/.297/.324 (.622 OPS). Rengifo has hit .333/.400/.444 (.844 OPS) in the four games he's played with the Big League club. If he keeps that up, he may be a bigger part of the platoon even when Fletcher gets back.