LA Angels: 3 likely 2023 Opening Day roster complaints many fans will have

Aug 6, 2022; Seattle, Washington, USA;  Los Angeles Angels second baseman David Fletcher (22) greets
Aug 6, 2022; Seattle, Washington, USA; Los Angeles Angels second baseman David Fletcher (22) greets / Lindsey Wasson-USA TODAY Sports
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The Los Angeles Angels have done a nice job addressing some of the holes on their roster with the moves they made. With that in mind, the offseason is not over, but Perry Minasian has been a little too quiet of late. Does that mean he's done? No, but it's definitely frustrating as we see great players come off the board.

The Opening Day roster is far from being finalized and Minasian has more moves to make.

When Opening Day finally does roll around, what will fans complain about? We know there will be something, and understandably so! What parts of the roster will fans have issues with?

1) LA Angels fans will not be happy with the shortstop situation

The Angels did not sign one of the premier shortstops available this offseason. I did not expect them to do it, but to not see any rumor of them trying is disappointing. Shortstop is the biggest need by far on this roster that the Angels must address but the farther along we go, the more it looks like they'll do nothing to address it.

Last season the primary shortstop was Andrew Velazquez, mainly due to injury to David Fletcher. Velazquez is an outstanding defender who cannot hit major-league pitching at all. The defense was nice, but the bat made him such a huge liability.

Angels shortstops were 29th in WRC+ (68) and 27th in fWAR (1.1) this past season. Playing Velazquez most of the time was a big reason why, but it's a spot they have to upgrade.

Fletcher played 36 games at shortstop and 61 games overall. He had another rough season when he was on the field. He slashed .255/.288/.333 with two home runs and 17 RBI. He had a 77 OPS+ a season after having a 70 OPS+ in 157 games played.

I love Fletcher's glove, especially at second base. I do not think his bat is good enough at all to play every day, especially out of position. He's the likely Opening Day shortstop as of now. The Angels could always sign someone like Jean Segura or Elvis Andrus to be in their middle infield but that'd be a hard pill to swallow after seeing the stars available.