3 most legendary LA Angels second basemen of all-time

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Bobby Grich
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The No. 1 most legendary LA Angels second basemen of all-time: Bobby Grich

When LA Angels owner Gene Autry was convinced to open the saddle-bags one more time during free agency of 1977, he didn’t regret it.

He signed outfielder Don Baylor first. Then he signed all-star outfielder Joe Rudi. The third signee was infielder Bobby Grich

He was originally signed to play shortstop for the club. But after injuring his back moving an air conditioner, he missed significant time. He moved to second base in 1978 and made the All-Star team in 1979, 1980 and 1982.

Grich won the American League Silver Slugger award in 1981. He was a solid defender and during his time with the Angels, he hit .269/.370/.436 with 154 homers, 183 doubles and 557 RBIs in 1,222 games.

Grich helped lead the Angels to their first three postseason berths in club history in 1979, ’82 and ’86. 

LA Angels postseason hero Adam Kennedy also deserves to be mentioned. Kennedy hit three memorable home runs in the 2002 American League Championship clincher. He hit .280/.334/.398 with 51 homers, 176 doubles, 353 RBIs and 123 stolen bases in 992 games with the Angels.

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Right now, the Halos will likely role with David Fletcher at second. He certainly has the defense to end up on a list like this some day, and it'll come down to his bat next year if he wants to take that next step. The Halos have only had a few special second basemen in the past, and building on that would be great to see.