3 players the Angels should've promoted instead of Livan Soto

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3) The LA Angels should have promoted Michael Stefanic over Livan Soto

Maybe for some reason, the Angels felt that they needed a middle infielder with Rendon going to the IL. They don't, but maybe that was their thought process. If that was their thinking, why not just promote Michael Stefanic?

I know he didn't do much with his opportunities last season as he slashed .197/.279/.230 without a home run in his 61 at-bats, but I still believe in his bat much more than Soto. And if the 40-man roster is an issue for Cabbage, it shouldn't be for Stefanic as he's also on the 40-man.

In AAA this season he's slashing .352/.459/.451 with one home run and 16 RBI. I know that it's the PCL and the numbers won't come close to translating at the big league level, but Livan Soto played in the same conditions. The only difference is Soto was so bad to the point where he was demoted to AA while Stefanic is among the league leaders in batting.

Stefanic isn't as good of a defender as Soto, but Soto is a primary shortstop. Are we saying Soto is going to play short over Zach Neto? Of course not. I just don't see what role Soto will play or what he does other than defend better than Stefanic.

This move to promote Soto likely won't mean too much as he likely won't play often and will be sent down once Jared Walsh is ready to return, but that doesn't mean it makes sense. The Angels had better options that fit the team better than Livan Soto and they chose to ignore them for whatever reason.

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