3 potential trades to fill LA Angels starting pitching need

Sep 11, 2021; St. Louis, Missouri, USA;  Luis Castillo
Sep 11, 2021; St. Louis, Missouri, USA; Luis Castillo / Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports
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Frankie Montas
Sep 19, 2021; Anaheim, California, USA; Frankie Montas / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Angels have been subject to many pitchers in trade rumors this offseason, but three specific ones in particular. They are all starters that can help make the Angels a better team right now.

The Halos have a bad starting rotation right now, and they also have a poor farm system that doesn't have a ton of hope there. The Halos have made a major emphasis on acquiring starting pitching prospects, but only so many are blue-chip prospects.

The Halos could use some pitching prospects in trades, or go different routes to get one or more of these three guys. In this article are three trade ideas that could potentially land each of the three pitchers most rumored to the Angels this offseason:

No. 3 potential trade to fill LA Angels starting pitching need: Frankie Montas

Frankie Montas is one of the three pitchers that MLB insider Jim Bowden said the LA Angels have contacted the Oakland Athletics about. Perhaps the Halos would be interested in trading their 2021 first-round pick Sam Bachman for him.

While Bachman is oozing with Big League potential, Montas has already proven himself to be more than reliable as a starting pitcher in the Bigs. Therefore, while Bachman has tremendous upside, the Halos may opt to go with the guy who can help the Angels tremendously right now.

Montas really broke out this past season, posting a 3.37 ERA and 3.37 FIP in an AL-leading 32 starts. He proved to be durable, and that he is one of the better starters in this league.