3 reasons why the Angels are still in the running and 2 why they're not

Chicago Cubs v Los Angeles Angels
Chicago Cubs v Los Angeles Angels / Rob Leiter/GettyImages
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The Los Angeles Angels have been playing decent baseball as of late and that should keep fans intrigued about which direction the team heads toward. Around this time last season, the team was in the midst of a record-losing streak and created an impossible hole to dig out of.

The team has a lot going for them and a lot not going for them which results in the record that they have now, just above a winning record. Here are the 3 reasons why the team should still be in the running for a postseason berth and 2 why they are not.

1. Why the LA Angels are in the running: The depth has proven to be good

So far, the additions that Angels general manager, Perry Minasian, has made have proven to be successful in hoping to get to the postseason since 2014. Gio Urshela has been a unique bright spot for the team as he is slashing .318/.377/.500 in his last 15 games which has been great for a team that has been without their star third basemen, Anthony Rendon.

Brandon Drury has been another great addition to the team as he's put up a OPS+ of 112 and is slashing .255/.302/.481 while primarily playing second base. Similarly to Urshela, Drury can virtually play all around the infield and some outfield as well. Luckily, he has not needed to with the team's depth being a huge strength for them so far.

That allows for off-days from some of the names that Angels fans are most use to seeing like Anthony Rendon and Luis Rengifo. Perry Miniasian made it a key point to focus on depth in the off-season and it has proven to work out well.