3 reasons why Zach Neto will be baseball's next star shortstop

Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers
Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers / Sam Hodde/GettyImages
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The Los Angeles Angels selected Zach Neto with the 13th pick in the first round of last year's MLB Draft. He was drafted out of college and you could tell immediately that he was going to be fast-tracked to the majors.

After just 44 minor league games, Neto got the call. He was an Angel. This came out of nowhere as Gio Urshela looked like a capable option, but with the team needing a spark, Neto was the player they called upon.

The rookie shortstop started his career with one hit in 16 at-bats. This had people thinking Perry Minasian might've jumped the gun. Nope. Since then he's been unbelievable and looks not only to be the Angels shortstop of the future but one of the best shortstops in all of baseball.

It's only been 54 games but it looks like the Angels struck gold with Zach Neto. He continues to impress and has only been getting better. There will always be bumps in the road, but he truly does look like baseball's next star shortstop. Here're three reasons why.