3 worst fears Angels fans might face this offseason

Any of these three outcomes occurring would be bad news for the Angels.
Los Angeles Angels v Oakland Athletics
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3) The LA Angels could make another huge FA mistake

Part of what's really plagued this decade of Angels baseball is the team has prioritized signing the big fish in free agency rather than fill out an entire MLB team. That is the main reason why the Angels haven't won anything with Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani. It's been them, Anthony Rendon, and a whole lot of question marks.

This past offseason was different, as Perry Minasian convinced Arte Moreno to back off of Trea Turner and focus on depth. While that was undoubtedly the right approach, some of Minasian's moves like the Tyler Anderson signing and the Hunter Renfroe trade really backfired.

What if Arte Moreno turns and says since this season didn't work out, we must sign big fish in free agency? Obviously, Ohtani is at the top of his list, but with the Angels needing pitching how shocking would it be to see the Halos strongly pursue arms like Blake Snell and Aaron Nola who will receive lengthy and lucrative deals?

Signing big names is very fun in the moment, but hasn't done much good for this Angels franchise in recent history. Focusing on building a full team that can withstand a full 162-game season and waiting until the team is ready to compete instead of trying to build the team through free agency is the best course of action here.