3 worst moments of LA Angels' 14-game losing streak

Joe Maddon, LA Angels
Joe Maddon, LA Angels / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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No. 1 worst moment of LA Angels' 14-game losing streak: Taylor Ward's injury

When Taylor Ward got injured on June 3rd, the LA Angels were already eight games into the losing streak. Things were already looking terrible, and now they just lost one of their three best players. Ward's right hamstring tightness will likely sideline him until Tuesday.

Ward has hit .333/.443/.644 (1.087 OPS) this season, so losing him was sure to have a tremendous impact on the club. Sure enough, the team ended up losing three straight one-run games against the Red Sox. If Ward was in the lineup, they likely win at least a couple of those games.

Even if they just take two of those three, they would be in a much better spot in the playoff picture. They would be just a half game back of the Sox for the third Wild Card spot. If they won all three, they would be a half game ahead. Ward has a 211(!) OPS+ this year by the way, so don't bother with the "you don't know they would have won" takes.

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Now that the streak finally ended, the Halos will have the opportunity to right the ship and get back to the postseason picture. Through all that's happened, they're still potentially three games away from being that third Wild Card team. There's still 103 games left--plenty of time for the Halos to put their talent together and make a run for the first time since 2014.