4 Angels who are playing their way out of the team's 2024 plans

The Angels could look to make big offseason moves to shake up the roster
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3) Eduardo Escobar is playing his way out of the LA Angels 2024 plans

Eduardo Escobar was acquired in a trade with the Mets to try and sure up the infield depth. Gio Urshela had gone down for the season while guys like Zach Neto and Anthony Rendon were hurt.

Escobar wasn't hitting much with the Mets, and nothing has changed since the Angels got their hands on him. He's slashed .239/.276/.337 with one home run and ten RBI in 29 games and 92 at-bats as an Angel. His .613 OPS is really all you need to see to tell you he's been unimpactful.

Escobar has value in theory as a veteran with a good track record who can play multiple positions in the infield and can also hit lefties at a solid clip, but he just hasn't shown much at all.

He has a team option for $9 million for the 2024 season that I felt could've been excercised if he showed value in that Gio Urshela type of role. Escobar has played all over the infield as an Angel and if he showed promise offensively, he would've been a nice fit. It's around what Urshela is currently making in 2023, and he would've been nice Anthony Rendon insurance especially. Unfortunately, it feels like the Angels will have to look elsewhere.