5 Angels players who could get DFA'd before the end of the season

These players could all be in another uniform when the season is over
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The Los Angeles Angels have had to make a slew of roster moves this season just to be where they are right now. The spot the Halos are in right now is not an ideal one.

They did salvage their series in both Houston and Texas by winning the final game, but the Angels are 60-62 on the year, 7.0 games back of the final Wild Card spot. A big reason this team has struggled so much is because of the abundance of players on the Injured List. It's certainly frustrating to see this team so banged up, but a large number of the players who are out will be coming back.

Logan O'Hoppe has already begun his rehab assignment. Mike Trout appears to be nearing a return. Guys like Anthony Rendon and Zach Neto don't have exact timetables for their returns but are expected back.

Once players return from the IL, they'll have to replace those not only on the 26-man roster, but players with 40-man roster spots are in jeopardy. Here're five players who could not only lose their 26-man spot, but their spot on the 40-man.

1) LA Angels catcher Chad Wallach could be DFA'd before the end of the season

Chad Wallach is a fairly obvious answer to this question. Logan O'Hoppe is on his way back, and the chances the Angels carry three catchers when he does come back are slim to none. With that in mind, the Angels have two options for who O'Hoppe's backup should be. Matt Thaiss is one option, and Chad Wallach is the other.

Both catchers got off to very hot starts offensively, and both have cooled down over the last couple of months. Thaiss is slashing .172/.295/.290 with five home runs and 16 RBI since June 1. Wallach is slashing .175/.250/.338 with three home runs and five RBI since June 1. Neither has proven they deserve to be on the MLB roster over the last couple of months.

To make this decision more difficult, neither player has options. This means in order to remove one of them off of the 26-man roster, they'd have to be DFA'd. Wallach is three years older and has been the backup for most of the year, so I believe he'd be the guy they'd get rid of over Thaiss.