5 Giants players the Angels should demand in a Shohei Ohtani trade

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Thanks to a four-game winning streak which included a sweep of the New York Yankees, the Shohei Ohtani trade talks have been put on hold for a bit. The Los Angeles Angels are back over .500 at 49-48, and there's a good chance they consider holding onto the game's best player past the trade deadline.

While that's certainly Arte Moreno's hope, the Halos still have some work to do to make the postseason. They'refive games back of the third Wild Card spot, and with them losing the season series against the Astros and trailing against Toronto, that defecit can be thought of as a six-gamer.

IWhile it's certainly unlikely, the possibility is stilll there that the Angels trade Shohei Ohtani for a monster haul in just a couple of weeks. If that does heppen, more than half of the league is expected to be in on him. The asking price will be lofty, but the Giants stick out as a destination with the desire to win, a prospect package to make it happen, and a place Ohtani might want to stay at long term.

It's worth noting that the Angels won't get all five of these prospects in an Ohtani deal, but Perry Minasian should at least be finding a way to walk away with three of them.

1) Giants AAA pitcher Kyle Harrison

If the Angels do look into a deal with the Giants, you almost expect Kyle Harrison to be the centerpiece no matter what.

The biggest issue with this Angels team has been pitching. Particularly starting pitching. Losing Ohtani would obviously hurt that a lot, but replacing him with a potential future ace wouldn't be an awful consolation prize.

Kyle Harrison is the Giants top prospect and is ranked 11th overall on MLB.com's top 100 list. He ranks third in starting pitching prospects behind only Andrew Painter of the Phillies who's undergoing Tommy John Surgery and Gavin Williams of the Guardians who's already in the majors.

Harrison might have a 4.79 ERA in AAA this season, but PCL stats are always skewed against pitchers. He's walked 30 batters in 56.1 innings which is definitely concerning, but 92 strikeouts in those innings is super impressive. He's a southpaw with electric stuff and is a guy many believe can be a top of the rotation arm.

If the Angels were to make any sort of deal with the Giants, even with how risky pitching prospects are to acquire as the centerpiece for a superstar, Harrison feels like a lock to be included.