6 LA Angels moves that did not work out as planned

J.T. Snow, Angels
J.T. Snow, Angels / Focus On Sport/GettyImages
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The LA Angels unfortunately haven't had the most success recently, and the fans have been demanding more.

Front office blunders have arguably defined the biggest reason why.

And, many of the shortcomings from the front office have been rather recent. Some more recent than others, but a lot of them still sting today. Taking a look back at some of the biggest moves that failed was a tough write.

No. 6 LA Angels move that did not work out as planned: The J.T. Snow trade (1996)

In the 1996-1997 offseason, the LA Angels traded two-time Gold Glove first basemen J.T. Snow for a couple of pitchers in Allen Watson and Fausto Macey. Well, Macey ended up never pitching in the Bigs for the Angels and we parted ways with him after three years. Watson was terrible; recording a 5.28 ERA and 1.541 WHIP in his two seasons with the Halos.

As for Snow, he was a very solid ballplayer with the San Francisco Giants, winning four more Gold Gloves and hitting a .273/.369/.438 (.807 OPS) line. Not bad at all, and he ended up being a big contributor to the Giants' pennant run in 2002, which they won before they lost to our Angels in the World Series.

Snow certainly wasn't as good on the Angels, but there's no excuses. This one was a failure, and the front office needs to be held accountable for it. I mean, Watson was out here giving up 10.6 hits per nine innings...