After the Phillips signing, what will the Angels do with Adell and Moniak?

Sep 11, 2022; Houston, Texas, USA; Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mickey Moniak (16) hits a
Sep 11, 2022; Houston, Texas, USA; Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mickey Moniak (16) hits a / Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Angels signed Brett Phillips to a one-year deal to be the fourth outfielder. Phillips is fast and an extraordinary defender who can play all three outfield positions. He doesn't do much of anything offensively but won't have to as his role would be more of a pinch runner or defensive replacement.

With the Phillips signing official, the Angels have basically confirmed that Jo Adell and Mickey Moniak will not be on the Opening Day roster. That isn't definite, but with only four bench slots available, it's hard to envision the Angels carrying two outfielders if everyone is healthy.

With that in mind, what will the Angels do with Jo Adell and Mickey Moniak?

Something Perry Minasian has focused on this offseason is adding depth. Tons of it. The Angels have added guys like Brandon Drury and Gio Urshela to an infield that already had four conceivable starters in it. The reasoning for that was after watching the Angels collapse last season, they wanted MLB-caliber players there to fill in if they need to.

Anthony Rendon's health is always a question. Jared Walsh and David Fletcher both dealt with injuries last season. Having MLB-caliber players to back them up instead of guys like Tyler Wade and Andrew Velazquez is a very good thing.

The same can be said here about the Angels outfield situation. Mike Trout, for as great as he is, has not been reliable to play 120+ games in recent memory. Taylor Ward hurt himself last season and missed time. Maybe if the Angels had real options to back him up they would've put him on the IL and helped him heal faster.

The Angels have a couple of options for things they can do with Adell and Moniak. They can have them go to AAA Salt Lake and play every day. This would help them hopefully develop and potentially become viable options to play in the outfield at some point if need be. Phillips is not a guy who can play every day, I think the Angels know that. If Mike Trout or any outfielder misses time, Adell or Moniak would be the first player they call. A big reason these players have struggled so much at the big league level, Adell in particular, is they were rushed through the minors.

Another option the Angels have is trying to trade one (or both) of them. The Angels could use another starter and another reliever. Could someone like Adell land them an arm? I'm not sure how much value he has on the open market, but it can't be too much after his struggles.

The Angels will likely hold onto both players and have them get regular at-bats in the minors. Hopefully one or both of them performs well and figures out a way to get back to the bigs.

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