All-time Angels starting lineup based on WAR

Oakland Athletics vs. Anaheim Angels - September 25, 2004
Oakland Athletics vs. Anaheim Angels - September 25, 2004 / Kirby Lee/GettyImages
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2. All-time LA Angels starting lineup: Darin Erstad, 1B, 32.6 bWAR

Darin Erstad is going to slot in where he was hitting when the Angels won the World Series in 2002. Erstad formed a great one-two punch with David Eckstein in front of the likes of Salmon and Anderson. He also would've been a great choice to lead off with Mike Trout hitting second, but this lengthens the lineup a bit more.

Erstad played three positions a lot in the majors. He played a lot of center field including in 2002, he played a lot of left field, but the position he played the most was first base. It might be a bit surprising for someone with such great speed to be used at first, but that was the case with Erstad. He won two Gold Gloves in the outfield and one at first base.

He was obviously a beast defensively, but Erstad wouldn't be hitting second if he couldn't hit. He didn't have the most power, but he did hit as many as 25 home runs in a season. That 2000 campaign saw him lead the league in hits with 240 while driving in 100 runs with a career high of 28 stolen bases. He finished eighth in the AL MVP balloting.

Erstad ranks in the top five in both runs and hits while ranking sixth in Angels history in games played. He's also sixth with his 32.6 bWAR.