Angels address defense by signing veteran outfielder

The Angels have signed Jake Marisnick to a minor league deal.
Jun 16, 2023; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Detroit Tigers right fielder Jake Marisnick (15) catches
Jun 16, 2023; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Detroit Tigers right fielder Jake Marisnick (15) catches / Matt Blewett-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a slow-moving offseason around the league, and the Los Angeles Angels are certainly no exception to that. They've watched Shohei Ohtani depart for the other team in Los Angeles, but have yet to do much of anything themselves. The only major league deals they've agreed to have been for middle relievers Adam Kolarek, Luis Garcia, and Adam Cimber.

The inactivity has been frustrating for Angels fans, but it's not the end of the world when so many free agents remain on the board. There's still plenty of time for Perry Minasian to build the good team he's continued to say he'll build.

Good teams come with big moves, obviously, but they're also made by adding depth. Lots of it. The Angels have lacked it for years, and that has cost them in a big way. Adding veterans on minor league deals can prove to be worthwhile sometimes, and that's what the Angels just did with Jake Marisnick.

LA Angels sign Jake Marisnick to minor league deal to address depth and defense

At 32 years old, Jake Marisnick is what he is at this point. He won't give much offensively, but is an excellent defender. He can play all three outfield positions but is an elite defensive center fielder which is not easy to find.

Last offseason the Angels signed a player with a similar mold, Brett Phillips, but gave him a MLB deal. That hampered their flexibility quite a bit, as he was practically guaranteed an Opening Day roster spot and couldn't be sent down without being DFA'd. The Halos learned from that and found pretty much the same player in Marisnick but gave him a minor league deal.

The outfielder has appeared in games for nine MLB teams thus far (the Angels would be his tenth) including three in 2023 alone. He's been able to stick around because of his glove, but his bat being subpar is why he hasn't really stuck anywhere.

For the Angels, Marisnick is a fine get as a depth outfielder. He can be the team's fourth outfielder if need be, with the ability to play all three outfield positions well, and also provide value as a runner off the bench.