Angels hire their new play-by-play voice

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For a decade the Los Angeles Angels had a clear voice of the team, Victor Rojas. He was the play-by-play broadcaster on TV before leaving following the 2020 season after reportedly being turned down for a role within the organization and accepting a role as the General Manager for the Texas Rangers AA affiliate.

Since Rojas' departure, the Angels have had two different voices. Matt Vasgergian and Patrick O'Neil have each called Angels games on TV in the last two seasons, but neither felt like the consistent voice.

Vasgergian has a job at MLB Network that limits the amount of Angels games he could call, and O'Neil was never seen as the main guy for the job.

Angels hire new TV play by play broadcaster

Wayne Randazzo will likely become the face of Angels TV. He will call a majority of the games and will give the Angels fans the consistent voice that they deserve.

Randazzo was formerly a New York Mets radio broadcaster from 2019-2022 alongside Howie Rose for WCBS in New York. Towards the end of his tenure there, Randazzo and Rose split the play-by-play duties. It was only a matter of time before Randazzo found a job elsewhere that gave him full play-by-play authority.

This past season, Randazzo even called an Angels game against the Mets on Apple TV +. The Angels, unfortunately, lost that game but he sounded much better than the other Apple TV+ broadcasters (which I realize isn't exactly the highest bar to set).

Randazzo also called Albert Pujols' 700th career home run for Apple TV+. I think it was a great call, personally.

It's unclear if and how many games Vasgergian and O'Neil will call, but it's safe to say Randazzo will call a vast majority of games for the Halos.

It'll be nice to have a broadcaster who feels fully committed to the team after the Rojas departure. Hopefully Randazzo is here and excels for years.

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