Angels News: Lack of Zach Neto injury update could be a big cause for concern

Sometimes, no news does not mean good news and that is what we could be seeing with Zach Neto.
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For the Los Angeles Angels, one of the guys that they really need to figure things out in 2024 is Zach Neto. The Angels' 2022 first-round pick got called up in 2023 after a very brief stint in the minor leagues, but has struggled thus far in the majors with a .699 OPS since joining the big league club.

However, things had been looking up for Neto lately. Over his last 25 games, he had slashed .284/.330/.523 with five homers and came up big in some key moments for LA as they've tried to climb back to respectability.

Unfortunately, Neto's progress suffered a major setback on Wednesday when he left the game early with an apparent injury after he sailed a throw to first base. Neto himself provided an update, saying that he was worried about his elbow as he felt something on a relay throw to the plate, and that he has had issues with it in the past.

However, what is even more concerning is that the Angels have basically been radio silent on his status since Neto got hurt, which is causing more than a little panic as to how bad his elbow injury could actually be.

Angels News: LA's silence on Zach Neto could mean bad injury news is coming

The most likely explanation for the lack of an official update on Neto is that he is still undergoing tests to determine the diagnosis. Given that Neto has had issues with his elbow when he was younger, combined with his concern, probably means that the Angels are going to be thorough in getting him checked out, and that just takes time.

Still, it is pretty odd that there has been nothing from manager Ron Washington or anyone else on the Angels beyond Neto as to what is going on with him. Given the Angels' lack of infield depth, losing Neto would present a pretty significant problem, although they do have Luis Guillorme and/or Kyren Paris to fill in, assuming Ron Washington has forgiven the former for not getting that bunt down.

Stay tuned for a Neto update, hopefully this weekend.

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