Angels pitcher Aaron Loup survives this time but feels like the next reliever to go

Boston Red Sox v Los Angeles Angels
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The Los Angeles Angels needed to get rid of a relief pitcher to accommodate promoting Sam Bachman prior to Friday night's game. In my eyes, there were three options of pitchers to demote or DFA that made sense. After further review, all of them were out of options, so it really came down to whoever the worst reliever was.

The pitcher I thought was least likely they'd demote was Jacob Webb, who had pitched an impressive inning in his lone appearance. He stayed and even got the Angels out of a massive bases loaded nobody out jam last night.

With Webb out, it was between Reyes Moronta and Aaron Loup. I figured they'd go Moronta because he did not look impressive whatsoever in his two outings. He couldn't get through an inning either time and let's face it, it's easier to get rid of a guy making minimum money over a guy making $7.5 million. Moronta was indeed DFA'd.

Loup dodged a bullet this time around, but the next time the Angels decide to make a move, it truly feels like Loup is the odd-man out.

LA Angels pitcher Aaron Loup feels like the next reliever to go

To say Aaron Loup has been useless this season would be very accurate. He has a 7.84 ERA in 13 appearances, and has struggled in both low-leverage and high-leverage spots. He's a guy who's supposed to be a lefty specialist, but is allowing left-handed hitters to slash .400/.429/.500 in 20 at-bats this season.

His walks are up, strikeouts are down, and overall effectiveness has gone out the window. Loup had some good moments last season even if it was a disappointing one, but this season he feels completely irrelevant. He's completely lost Phil Nevin's trust to work just about any situation, and rightfully so. He's allowed a run in seven of his 13 outings. Yes, more than half.

It's never easy to get rid of a guy making a ton of money, but the Angels literally just did it with Ryan Tepera. Whenever Perry Minasian finds a guy he feels cannot contribute, he gets rid of them despite the money they make. He got rid of Albert Pujols, Justin Upton, Tepera, Brett Phillips, I'm sure there're more. It feels inevitable Loup will make that list.

The Angels bullpen is as deep as it's been all season with arms I feel comfortable with. Guys like Sam Bachman and Chase Silseth offer some untapped potential this bullpen was missing. Those are the only relievers with options.

If Jacob Webb struggles of course he can go, but he doesn't have options. If one of the young guys struggle they can go, but will they really be worse than Loup?

He's useless as a lefty who can't get left-handers out, can't go more than an inning, and can't pitch a clean inning in any circumstance. The Angels don't really have another weak link. When they call up another arm, make a trade, whatever the move is, it feels almost inevitable Loup will go.