Angels' placement of Anthony Rendon display at ballpark is a bit too on the nose

Visitors to Angel Stadium are having plenty of laughs at where Anthony Rendon's likeness is on display.
Mar 20, 2024; Tempe, Arizona, USA; Los Angeles Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon (6) reacts to the
Mar 20, 2024; Tempe, Arizona, USA; Los Angeles Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon (6) reacts to the / Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Angels can't seem to have anything go their way. It was bad enough that they did almost nothing last offseason except watch Shohei Ohtani ride off into the sunset across town to the Dodgers, but their only offseason acquisition of relevance, Robert Stephenson, is out for the season, and now Mike Trout has to have knee surgery.

Bad decisions and bad luck is not a good combination, and in the case of Anthony Rendon, he is both wrapped up in one tidy package.

Many were already skeptical that Rendon was going to be worth the $245 million deal he signed with the team back before the 2020 season. He was a very good player in Washington to be sure, but was also coming off a career year and had mostly been just very good and not necessarily elite for the most of his time in the big leagues. However, that contract went from "questionable" to "one of the worst ever handed out" in a hurry as his severe hamstring injury earlier this month marks the fourth straight season where he will be lucky to give LA half a season's worth of playing time, and that is being very generous.

While the organization has publicly backed Rendon previously with sympathy and optimism even when his comments to the media deserved neither, there has been an interesting development with how Rendon's likeness is being used at Angel Stadium these days.

Placement of Anthony Rendon displays at Angel Stadium is performance art

First, we here at Halo Hangout don't know for sure when or how this display came to be happen. The logical explanation is that the Angels just want to display the players that are actually playing right now and just wanted to move Rendon's likeness somewhere out of the way. It is "probably" safe to say that the game days operations crew didn't want to make any sort of statement here.

However, it is kind of perfect and definitely hilarious. Notice the trash cans that ring Rendon's display as if to keep their king safe from any assaults and how there is a folded table that is using the display as a way to make sure it doesn't fall on the ground. Our recommendation is that it uses someone else's display for support because based on past history, the display is likely to crumble from a stiff breeze. It also looks like LA has a commitment to recycling, which is great, but also makes us wish that Rendon could be recycled and turned into something more useful.

Sure, Rendon's contract is arguably the worst in all of baseball right now and it may hold that title for a long time. The mere sight or mention of him ignites a visceral reaction from Angels. However, that doesn't seem to be keeping fans from having some fun with the whole situation.

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