Angels players on waivers most likely to be claimed on waivers ranked

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The Los Angeles Angels shocked the baseball world on Tuesday, putting six of their players up on waivers for the 29 other teams to claim. The goal here for the Angels is pretty simple. Get under the luxury tax. There are reasons why the Angels organization would want to do that, and it's also good for Arte Moreno's pockets.

Teams in or fighting for postseason spots will want to improve their rosters, and adding any of these six players should help most teams out. The teams acquiring the players would only have to pay the remainder of the salaries, so it doesn't cost much financially while teams wouldn't have to give up any assets.

All six should be claimed by someone, but some are more likely to go than others. Here're the rankings of Angels players most likely to be claimed going from least likely to most.

6) LA Angels outfielder Randal Grichuk's struggles make him the least likely to get claimed

Randal Grichuk having a monster game could impact this a bit, but prior to his breakout game on Tuesday against the Phillies, he had been among the worst hitters in baseball. Overall, his time with the Angels has been nothing short of a disaster.

Grichuk is slashing .165/.212/.351 with four home runs and eight RBI. He has 16 hits in 97 at-bats, and three of them came in his four at-bats after being put on waivers.

The Angels acquired Grichuk to be the Taylor Ward replacement but after hitting over .300 with an .861 OPS with the Rockies, he didn't come close to hitting .200 with a .600 OPS with the Angels. It's not only his fault that the Angels are in this spot, but he certainly did nothing to help them win.

A team out there should want Grichuk at the very least as a fourth outfielder. Chances are he'll be a better hitter in a new situation, and should help a winning team win some ballgames.