Angels roster: 3 newcomers we shouldn't get attached to

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3) The LA Angels can find a better bench infielder than Eduardo Escobar

It's hard to find a more likable guy than Eduardo Escobar who seems like he's a joy to be around, much like Brett Phillips, but he's had a rather underwhelming Angels tenure. The Angels acquired Escobar once Gio Urshela went down with his season-ending injury, and expected him to essentially replace Urshela in the Anthony Rendon reserve role while also getting some action at first and second base.

Escobar played a good amount in the beginning of his Angels career, but has seen his playing time really dwindle of late, and with the Angels out of it, it's hard to see him getting any at-bats outside of some starts against lefties. He has started just nine games since August 1.

Escobar has slashed .242/.281/.350 with two home runs and 12 RBI in 39 games (27 starts) with the Angels. He's been better than guys like Cron and Grichuk, but that's not saying much of anything.

He's a fun player to root for and Escobar is still pretty solid against left-handed pitching, but the Angels can do better next season. Even if they were to re-sign a healthy Gio Urshela, that'd be an upgrade right there.