Angels vs Orioles weather update for Opening Day: Rain threatens start of 2024

Here is the latest weather updates for the Angels' Opening Day matchup with the Orioles.
Los Angeles Angels v Toronto Blue Jays
Los Angeles Angels v Toronto Blue Jays / Douglas P. DeFelice/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Angels are mere hours away from starting the 2024 season and seeing if they can reverse their fortunes. They lost Shohei Ohtani which certainly hurt, but they also have a new manager in Ron Washington and an exciting crop of young talent eager to prove themselves this season.

Unfortunately, the weather gods appear to be making the start of the season a bit more complicated.

Rain in the northeast this time of year is pretty commonplace, but the weather is especially wet on Thursday with two games in Philadelphia and New York already getting rained out from the storms. As for the Angels' matchup with the Orioles at 3:05 PM EST, it's going to be tight although the odds are looking pretty good.

Will the Angels' Opening Day game against the Orioles have a rain delay?

From the looks of the forecast, Thursday's Orioles-Angels game is very likely to be played as the weather does look it will improve as the afternoon goes on. As of this moment, the forecast is optimistic that the rain will be clearing out around the time of first pitch, although things can obviously change pretty quickly here. If there is an Opening Day rain delay, it shouldn't be a protracted one.

One X-factor here is the state of the field at Camden Yards. Baltimore was obviously aware that the weather could be a problem and it is highly likely that they did what they could to prepare the field ahead of time, but the Orioles' grounds crew will still need to make sure that the field is playable and safe before the game starts. Depending on how much standing water there is and how much work is needed to make that happen, there could be a delay of the start of the game even if the rain has passed before the start of the game.

In any event, fans should probably make sure to stick around even if the weather isn't great at the moment, because this one is a game that everyone involved is going to want to get in, and the forecast seems to be allowing for it to happen.

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