Anthony Rendon is injured again and Angels fans won’t be happy with the response

Stop us if you have heard this before, but Anthony Rendon is hurt again.
Los Angeles Angels v San Diego Padres
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We know it is going to be shocking for Los Angeles Angels fans to hear, but Anthony Rendon is hurt again. The news that Rendon is dealing with a groin injury would normally be devastating except for the fact that he has only played in 200 games in the past four seasons combined anyways.

So far, the response from Angels personnel has been as expected. Manager Ron Washington has already said that Rendon's latest ailment isn't a long-term concern, although he was also quick to point out that Rendon could be out more than a day or two. Based on Rendon's history, that may mean that he will be transported via golf cart around the spring training facilities wrapped in bubble wrap while he gives the finger to anyone that asks him about his status.

LA Angels News: Rendon has a groin injury proving that time is a flat circle

Clearly we spoke too soon when congratulating Rendon on actually playing a game in late February. To Rendon's credit, he has now played in six(!) games this spring and actually has a couple of hits to his name. The fact that is even worth noting is a sad commentary on his tenure with the Angels -- and that no one truly believes the team when they say Rendon's injury is minor doesn't help, either.

At this point, Rendon is just a recurring bit that is more comedy than anything. Some of that is his fault, as he has made sure to point out to anyone who will listen that baseball, for which he is paid a lot of money, isn't a priority for him. Some of that isn't on him, because injuries happen to everybody and some guys are more snakebit than others.

The end result, though, is that Rendon's failure to do anything without finding something else on his body to fail him has become emblematic of the Angels as the organization. The LA Times took the time to highlight Rendon's injury struggles and lack of enthusiasm as an argument for there being little hope in the post-Ohtani era. A player's suckitude being that high is pretty brutal. There was some good news on Wednesday at least.

If history is any indication, Rendon will roll an ankle doing a jumping jack during said workout and immediately get placed on the 60-day IL. Maybe, just this once, Rendon will get back on the field quickly and actually perform instead of being on track to have the worst contract in baseball when it is all said and done.

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