Are prospects Michael Stefanic and Brendon Davis ready to help the LA Angels?

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David Fletcher
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Heading into the offseason, one of the biggest questions facing the LA Angels was what they were going to do about the shortstop situation.

After Jose Iglesias flopped and Luis Rengifo failed to impress, acquiring one of the many All-Star shortstops from this year’s free agent class seemed like a given. At the very least, some had hoped the team would instead slide David Fletcher over to shortstop and sign a new second baseman, but even then his weak offensive abilities gave cause for concern.

And yet, one by one the top infield free agents have signed with other teams.

While there are still a couple of quality middle infielders left on the market, Angels fans should be prepared for the possibility that the team is simply going to roll with the players it already has. This may be a disappointment to some, but it may in fact open the door for two of LA’s most promising prospects to finally get their chance in the big leagues; Michael Stefanic and Brendon Davis.

Though they may be unproven, Michael Stefanic and Brendon Davis have potential to become long-term answers in the middle infield for the LA Angels.

Hardcore fans have no doubt been waiting to see Michael Stefanic and Brendon Davis in action with the LA Angels after seeing each of their excellent 2021 minor league seasons.

If the last few months of the 2021 season are any indication, Perry Minasian and Joe Maddon are all for giving the young guys a chance in the majors. This means that with strong performances at spring training this year, both Stefanic and Davis have a real chance at breaking into the Angels’ opening day roster.