Do the LA Angels need to pivot to Carlos Correa after pitching plans fall through?

Oct 31, 2021; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa (1) celebrates with
Oct 31, 2021; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa (1) celebrates with / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Angels originally were likely to not be in on Carlos Correa this offseason, due to an immense need to spend on pitching.

However, with many of their pitching plans having fallen through at this point, the Angels could entertain going after another need they have at shortstop.

Well, most of the big names at shortstop are gone now. Marcus Semien and Corey Seager are BOTH headed to Texas, and Javier Baez is on his way to Detroit. Arguably the best free agent at shortstop, however, is still out there. Correa was originally supposed to sign for a massive payday, but it's yet to happen despite these other guys going.

Is his market diminishing? It appears so due to other teams already having their guys, and other teams knowing that he may be getting a little more desperate to sign already. He's looking for that massive payday, but isn't getting it.

This may be the perfect time for the LA Angels to pick up Carlos Correa.

Many LA Angels fans didn't want to sign Carlos Correa this offseason due to many reasons. Some say he's a bit overrated, as he's hit .300 just once before (2017), and he's had a .900 OPS just twice before (2017 and 2019). He also only played 109 games in 2017, and 75 in 2019, so they weren't even close to full seasons.

Many didn't want him due to his involvement and lack of accountability in the Astros 2017-2019 sign-stealing cheating scandal.

Some, however, wanted him due to strong defense, some clutch postseason moments in his career, and overall solid offense in his career.

I see it both ways. One thing that's true either way, however, is that regardless of your opinion on Correa, right now would be the best time to sign him if the Angels are going to do it.

Every single one of the other top free agent shortstops have gone, and Correa is clearly struggling to find that historic contract he's looking for. He's now perhaps realizing that he may not be getting it from these other clubs who have been in contact with him.

The Angels' 2022 payroll is at just over $153 million, and therefore they have the money to give Correa what he wants.

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It's been confusing as to how the Halos are going about this offseason. If they're not cooking up trades for the likes of Luis Castillo, Chris Bassitt, or Frankie Montas, then they're probably not going to improve the rotation other than signing Noah Syndergaard. If that's the case, maybe they need to switch their focus to shortstop if they can.