Elite opposing manager couldn't shut up about Shohei Ohtani in interview

Buck Showalter
Buck Showalter / Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret that LA Angels' Ace/DH Shohei Ohtani has many fans around the league, but Mets' Manager Buck Showalter might be his No.1 supporter. In an interview he did during his team's series against the Angels, Showalter heaped all kinds of mighty praise on the best player in the game right now:

Showalter hit the nail on the head when discussing Ohtani, and even pointed out that Ohtani has a different level of physical and emotional toughness that transcends just his godlike skillset. And he's right about how what everyone's seeing is likely not to occur ever again.

Over the course of these past two seasons, Ohtani has been one of the best offensive players in all of baseball and one of the better pitchers in all of baseball. He's slashed .258/.361/.559 (.921 OPS) in these past two years, while also boasting a 3.31 ERA and 1.099 WHIP.

Ohtani has gone 13-6 on the mound in that time while hitting 59 home runs in this year-plus. (The Angels are only 64 games into the year as of this writing.) He won the unanimous AL MVP last year, and could potentially be an MVP again if he keeps this level of performance up.

Buck Showalter was right in that Shohei Ohtani represents Japan in a great way.

Shohei Ohtani has represented the LA Angels in a great away as well. Buck Showalter was 100% correct in that the best part about Ohtani is how he carries himself. ShoTime was recognized in the offseason as having the greatest season in sports history. He still, however, is quite the humble superstar.

Nobody is as focused as Ohtani, and putting that mental edge together with his abilities as a two-way player creates a true monster. Like Showalter said, it remains to be seen whether he'll be able to do this for another ten years. That being said, these last five have been great, and the last two have been special.

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There may never be another Ohtani, and Angels fans should listed to what Showalter is preaching. The three-time Manager of the Year award winner has seen a lot of baseball and coached a lot of great players. There's a reason he went out of his way to give Ohtani this level of recognition.