Grading reader-submitted trade proposals for the Angels

Jun 6, 2022; Anaheim, California, USA; Fans arrive before the MLB game between the Boston Red Sox
Jun 6, 2022; Anaheim, California, USA; Fans arrive before the MLB game between the Boston Red Sox / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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Grading fan-submitted trade proposals for Pablo Lopez

Trade #1

Submitted by @celop7219

In this trade, the Angels would be acquiring Pablo Lopez from the Marlins. He's a guy who'd slot right into the middle of this Angels rotation and would definitely make them better.

He went 10-10 with a 3.75 ERA in 32 starts. He threw 180 innings which is outstanding for 2022. My issue with Lopez is this was his first fully healthy season. He had never started more than 21 games in a season before and never threw more than 111.1 innings. This happened in 2019.

Lopez was outstanding in the first half posting a 2.86 ERA. He really struggled in the second half, watching his ERA balloon by over two runs to 4.97. Could that be because he never threw this many innings in a season before?

This is a lot for the Angels to give up. In this trade, the Angels will be trading their number six prospect in Bachman, their number 20 prospect in Adams, and Orlando Martinez who's an outfielder who ended the season in AAA to Miami. They'd also be sending David Fletcher to Miami who I don't think the Marlins would even want.

With that being said, I'd do this trade if I were Perry Minasian. They're trying to win right now, and Bachman doesn't help with that. I do like him but would really hope he ends up being as good as Lopez is right now.

I'm not sure if the Marlins do it. They'd probably be looking for a bat to be the headliner in a Pablo Lopez trade. They already have a ton of pitching. The value does make sense though.

I don't think Miami takes David Fletcher and his three years of bad money. They already have their middle infield set. If you took him out, this is a pretty solid proposal in my opinion.

Grade: B

Trade #2

Submitted by @offtheoutlaw

This is another trade I'd do if I were the Angels but think the Marlins say no. They could use a bat and that's definitely what they'd target if Lopez were to be traded. I just don't think this is enough.

Luis Rengifo had his best MLB season by far, hitting 17 home runs with a 103 OPS+. The problem is he only drew 17 walks and had an OBP below .300 which is abysmal. The Marlins have Joey Wendle as their third baseman right now, they'd probably bank on a bounceback season from him before trading a really solid pitcher with Rengifo as the best player in return.

Mickey Moniak has very little value right now. He hasn't hit in the limited opportunity he's gotten in the majors and has dealt with injury problems. All the Angels had to give up to acquire him was an underwhelming Noah Syndergaard on an expensive expiring contract.

The Marlins can definitely do better than this in a Lopez trade.

Grade: C