Happy anniversary to former Angels outfielder Jim Edmonds and his incredible catch

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The Los Angeles Angels have been fortunate to have some awesome players patrol center field. Mike Trout is the obvious Angel to stick out, as he's one of the best players of all time. We've seen him make some amazing catches. His catch in Baltimore still pops up in my head fairly often.

Who can forget players like Darin Erstad and Torii Hunter? They could obviously hit but also both won multiple Gold Gloves in center field playing for the Angels.

Despite all of the great center fielders the Angels have had, Jim Edmonds is the one that sticks out to me as not only the best defender in Angels history to play the position but as an eight-time Gold Glove Award winner, one of the best in MLB history. It's a good time to point that out on the anniversary of what might be the greatest catch I've ever seen.

Watch LA Angels outfielder Jim Edmonds make the best catch in team and maybe MLB history

In the fifth inning of a 1997 game in Kansas City, Edmonds made what is still without a doubt the best catch in Angels history. He robbed David Howard of the Royals of extra bases, and did it with a ridiculous over-the-shoulder grab.

I still marvel at this catch. How Edmonds was able to turn his body fully away from the ball and make a diving catch like that I'll never know. He looked like a Pro-Bowl wide receiver laying out to make a catch.

Is this the best catch ever? I don't know. We all know of the Willie Mays catch heard around the world, or Derek Jeter hopping into the stands to catch a pop-up, or even Dewayne Wise making an unbelievable catch to save a perfect game. Still, it's certainly up there.

Edmonds had a solid run of seven years with the Angels before making his way to St. Louis. He's still one of the more underappreciated players in the history of this franchise. He'll always have his place in Angels history thanks in large part to this catch.