Hilarious Albert Pujols blooper proves LA Angels fans are lucky he's no longer a Halo

Albert Pujols
Albert Pujols / Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

LA Angels fans are well aware of Albert Pujols' shortcomings that he's shown in the past five seasons. He was in Anaheim for three of them and part of a fourth. Now, he's back in St. Louis putting his disappointing post-prime play on full display.

Pujols recorded a blooper for the ages against the Milwaukee Brewers this past Thursday:

It's pretty probable that nobody was quite sure what Pujols was thinking there. Did he think he had burners to where he could take off like that and scare a pitcher into balking? Did he think the pitcher couldn't see him? Did he think that he was somehow fast enough to just take the extra base? Did he have too much to drink before the game?

LA Angels fans are well aware that Albert Pujols is a very slow baserunner.

Ex-LA Angels slugger Albert Pujols has stolen a total of 41 bases in the last 12 seasons. He's not exactly a burner. In fairness to him, though, whenever he does steal bases, he succeeds:

Unfortunately, however, that streak is over. He got a little too cocky in his judgement, and his lack of wheels couldn't make up for the mental lapse. Thankfully for baseball fans, and even Cardinals fans, the internet really did run wild with this one.

Luckily for Pujols, he was off to a good start offensively otherwise. He entered the game batting .333/.333/.667 (1.000 OPS) in his first two games of the year (nine at-bats) and was one for three on the day during this game.

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Pujols was signed in part to provide baseball IQ and veteran leadership to this Cardinals' squad. Hopefully for the Cards, it goes a bit better than what he showed right here.