Albert Pujols getting last shot with Cardinals after Angels contract just feels right

Albert Pujols, LA Angels
Albert Pujols, LA Angels / Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Let's face it--Albert Pujols' career with the LA Angels was largely a disappointment. We all know this, as he signed with the team on a 10-year/$240 million deal and only made an All-Star team in one of those ten years. Posting a .256/.311/.447 (.758) slash line with the Halos was not known to be in the contract.

Heck, he posted a .328/.420/.617 (1.037 OPS) with St. Louis before he came here. It was also not clear that not winning a single Gold Glove was also in the contract, as he won a couple in his 11 years with the Cardinals. It's why it's only fitting that he'd head back to St. Louis after his Angels' contract is over.

And that's exactly what's happened. Pujols is back in St. Louis on a one-year/$2.5 million deal. It's his first contract that he's signed since his Angels one ended, as while he was released by the Angels and signed by the Dodgers last year, the Halos still paid him for the rest of the money that was on the contract for that last portion of his tenth year.

Albert Pujols needed to get back to where he had the most success after his struggles with the LA Angels and Dodgers.

Albert Pujols needed a change of scenery, and it's best for him to return back to where he was clearly most comfortable playing and having success. There wasn't a huge market for him due to his poor play for the past four seasons, and it's no shock that the team that finally stepped in was the Cardinals.

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If there's anybody to get anything out of Pujols for his last ride (he has announced this will be his last ride), it would be the Cards. With a universal DH in place, perhaps Pujols could find a rhythm just swinging the bat instead of putting him out in the field as well. He is quite the liability over at first base these days.