Jacob deGrom and 3 more new rivals who will be pains in the AL West

Texas Rangers Introduce Jacob deGrom
Texas Rangers Introduce Jacob deGrom / Bailey Orr/Texas Rangers/GettyImages
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3) The LA Angels hope to only deal with Teoscar Hernandez for one season

The Mariners have won 90 games in each of the last two seasons but missed one thing in 2022. A middle of the order bat. They acquired one early on this offseason in Teoscar Hernandez, and he makes that team much better.

Hernandez has averaged 26 home runs per season over the last four complete seasons played (excluding 2020), hitting as many as 32 in a season. The Mariners replaced the oft-injured Mitch Haniger with a legitimate all-star who is a home run threat every time he comes to bat.

The one good thing about this is Hernandez is a free agent after the season ends so the Angels could potentially only have to deal with him for one season.

The Mariners' pitching is scary and Julio Rodriguez getting help in the lineup in the form of Hernandez is not fun for the Angels.

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