The best Angels player to wear number 55

2005 ALDS - New York Yankees vs Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - Game 2
2005 ALDS - New York Yankees vs Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - Game 2 / Kirby Lee/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Angels signed Matt Moore to a one-year deal to fortify their bullpen this offseason. Moore hasn't looked great in Spring Training but is coming off of a career year in Texas and figures to be a key piece in the Angels bullpen. He will do so wearing number 55.

Moore will become the 12th Angel to wear the number in franchise history. The most recent to do so before the southpaw was Tim Lincecum who ended his MLB career with a really rough nine-start tenure with the Halos.

Several notable players have worn the number including guys like Hideki Matsui, Mat Latos, Joe Blanton and Jason Isringhausen. What these guys all have in common is they had most of their success in other uniforms and were only Angels wearing this number for one season. This made deciding who the best player is to wear the number fairly simple.

Jeff DaVanon is the best player to wear number 55 in Angels history

Jeff DaVanon is the only player to ever wear number 55 for more than one season in Angels history. Yes, out of all 11 players to wear it, DaVanon is the only one to wear it for more than one season. Matt Moore signed a one-year deal, so there's a very good chance DaVanon will be one of 12. Just an interesting factoid.

DaVanon wasn't anything special as a player. He didn't play much for the Angels in his first four seasons but did play in 16 games during the 2002 season!

DaVanon was an outfielder capable of playing all three positions and he played over 100 games in each season from 2003-2005. In that span he slashed .267/.361/.761 averaging seven home runs and 31 RBI per season along with 15 stolen bases. He had a 103 OPS+ in those years he received a lot of playing time which is certainly nothing to complain about.

DaVanon probably wouldn't be the choice for most numbers here but considering he was the only Angel to wear number 55 for more than one season (he wore it for six), the decision was an easy one.

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