Did LA Angels GM Perry Minasian just tease more major offseason moves on the way?

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On Wednesday, LA Angels General Manager Perry Minasian spoke to the media and hinted that he may not quite be done building this roster. He acknowledged fan frustration but wanted to make it clear that he's not pumping the brakes on this offseason.

"Can we get better? Absolutely. There's areas we can improve," said Minasian.

He left all three of the starting rotation, the bullpen, and position players as groups he could see himself improving. He did, however, leave an emphasis on pitching. Since the comments, he solidified what looks like a very impressive bullpen by adding Archie Bradley and Ryan Tepera. Of course, Angels fans hope those weren't the only moves that he has left in mind, however.

Perry Minasian and the Angels need to be in win-now mode, since they have the two best MLB players in their primes.

Perry Minasian needs to make sure the LA Angels capitalize off of having this dominant duo that may never be seen again in MLB history. Investing in talent around them is essential to make sure they get their chances in the postseason. We now know that Minasian's interested in continuing to improve, but he wasn't quite sure whether that would be on the trade block or in the free agent market.

“It’s hard to predict," said Minasian. "We’ve had a lot of conversations, a lot of dialogue. Sometimes you feel like it’s going the right way, sometimes you feel like you’ve got to make a U-turn.”

Bradley and Tepera were of course free agent moves, and most of the top free agent starters have already come off the board since Minasian picked up free agent standout starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard well before the lockout. For what it's worth, Minasian is rumored to be interested in disappointing free agent starter Tyler Anderson.

Before the lockout, MLB Insider Jim Bowden of CBS Sports and The Athletic said that the Halos had been talking to the A's and Marlins about trading with them for pitching. The Athletics are still expected by many to move off of Frankie Montas and Sean Manaea, so that's an opportunity for Minasian that he may check in on again.

The important thing is that Minasian made it clear that he's looking at ALL options for this roster, both internal and external.

"We do have internal options, which is comforting...With that being said, we're looking for the right opportunity, the right fit, and there are still talented players and free agents that we're able to discuss and throw concepts at back and forth. It’s something we'll continue to do."

Perry Minasian, LA Angels GM

And for what it's worth, Minasian teased that Angels Owner Arte Moreno is giving him an unlimited budget. Many won't believe that (including myself), but if it proves to be true I'll be feeling very confident about what this group has in store for 2022.

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"This is an ownership group that is committed to winning... I have not been told no on anything. That's been the most comforting thing coming here. The support of ownership when the right opportunity presents itself. They care and want to win. I have no limitations."

Perry Minasian, LA Angels GM