LA Angels look like chumps against reigning AL East champion Orioles on Opening Day

The Angels' Opening Day performance is not what fans wanted as a preview.

Los Angeles Angels v Baltimore Orioles
Los Angeles Angels v Baltimore Orioles / Greg Fiume/GettyImages

What started off as a great top of the first inning for the Los Angeles Angels with a Mike Trout home run, the rest the game was dominated by Corbin Burnes of the Baltimore Orioles. Burnes made every hitter look like they were playing the wrong sport.

In the Angels' defense, the Orioles are projected to be the best team in the American League this year, but this was not the start fans envisioned on Day 1.

Patrick Sandoval looked lost as the Angels Opening Day starter. Perhaps Angels fan knew there was a big possibility of this happening, but Sandoval finished his day by not even going two full innings. He gave up five earned runs on six hits and two walks.

How could the Angels coaching staff not see this coming? Sandoval literally performed the worst of all five starters in spring training in Arizona. He couldn’t find the strike zone there, and he couldn’t find it in Baltimore.

And by the end of the sixth inning, eight of the nine starters in the Angels lineup had struck out at least once. Anthony Rendon led off the game with a strikeout and then made an error in the bottom of the second.

Right now, the Angels aren't even in the same league as the Orioles, who now have competent owners, a farm system overflowing with talent, and great coaching up and down the minor leagues.

Where was the coaching to help put the team in the best position? Anyone else deserved the start over Sandoval. We get the idea of starting Sandoval because he’s pitched in some big games, but he had done very little to prove himself and a number of other capable candidates were deprived of the opportunity.

Arte Moreno’s failure as an owner really shows when facing a team like Baltimore. The Orioles don’t make mistakes, and they take advantage of the other team’s mistakes. They also play hard, making it seem like they have something to prove at every moment.

What makes us Angels fans sick is that the team didn’t even try to get better. Even with Trout and general manager Perry Minasian breathing down Moreno's back, the owner responded as weakly as he possibly could after losing the best player in baseball, and the results spoke for themselves on a depressing Opening Day.