LA Angels you need to know on Hall of Fame ballot: Bobby Abreu

Bobby Abreu, LA Angels
Bobby Abreu, LA Angels / J. Meric/GettyImages

Bobby Abreu is one of four LA Angels on the Hall of Fame ballot this year, and it's easy to see why.

Abreu would go in as a Philadelphia Phillie, as he played nine years there. That being said, he spent the second-most amount of time in his career with the Angels (three years, and part of a fourth).

Abreu had some ups and downs with the Halos. In his first year with us, he had a really good year, where he hit .293/.390/.435 (.825 OPS). He had 103 RBIs and 30 stolen bases.

After that, however, things didn't click over here. He hit .254/.353/.402 (.754 OPS) in his next two seasons with the Halos, only hitting 28 total home runs, only driving in 138 RBI, only scoring 142 runs, and only stealing 45 bases. He wasn't the same player, and only lasted eight games with the Angels in the next year before he was off to the Dodgers, where he continued to struggle.

Bobby Abreu's Hall of Fame case lies in the time that he was not on the LA Angels.

While Bobby Abreu did indeed shine in his first year with the LA Angels, almost his entire Hall of Fame argument lies with the two teams he played with before the Halos. Those two teams are the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees.

Playing 151 games in each of the previous 11 seasons he played prior to becoming an Angel, he was a star on the field. In that time, he hit .302/.407/.502 (.909 OPS) with a 135 OPS+. He averaged 22 home runs, 96 RBIs, 28 stolen bases, and 105 runs in those years.

With that stretch of stellar play came with two All-Star appearances, a Gold Glove award, and a Silver Slugger.

Abreu finished his career with a good .291/.395/.475 (.870 OPS) line, along with a 128 OPS+. He hit the 400 stolen base mark as well, he finished with six 30+ stolen base seasons, with one of those being a 40 stolen base season.

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While Abreu may not have added a ton to his Hall of Fame resume with the Angels, he did have one year in which he did, and his career resume certainly speaks to why he's on the ballot.