Watch Shohei Ohtani hit an impossible-looking home run

Japan v Hanshin Tigers
Japan v Hanshin Tigers / Kenta Harada/GettyImages

Shohei Ohtani is back home in Japan preparing for the World Baseball Classic. In an exhibition game against the Hanshin Tigers, Ohtani has hit two three-run homers. The first of the two was one of the more impressive home runs you'll ever see.

Watch Shohei Ohtani hit two three-run home runs for Team Japan

Ohtani got an offspeed pitch and looked to be out in front of it, so much so that he fell to one knee when swinging. Despite being on one knee, Ohtani launched this baseball 420 feet and over the fence.

We've seen Adrian Beltre do that, but thinking about just how much strength goes into doing something like that is hard to fathom. Ohtani truly is a unicorn and a player we'll never see again.

Ohtani after the game said, "As my physical condition isn't 100% because of jetlag, I feel a bit worried about missing a pitch over the plate." Even with the jetlag and obvious effects that come with it, Ohtani was able to do THAT. Not to mention all of the pressure that comes with being... well, Shohei, back in Japan expected to put on a show for the home crowd.

Put on a show he did, I'd say he even exceeded expectations.

Later in this same game, Ohtani faced a lefty and launched another long three-run homer.

Not only is he doing this, but Shohei is also set to pitch for Team Japan against Team China on Thursday, March 9th at 2:00 AM PST on FS2. It'll be fascinating to see what he can do on the world stage.

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