LA Angels really need solid broadcast team next season

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim  v Houston Astros
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Houston Astros / Bob Levey/GettyImages

It's an end of an era as Jose Mota will not be returning to the LA Angels broadcast booth next season.

Via an Instagram post, Mota shared his good wishes to his broadcast family, friends, and Angels fans as he also highlighted some of his best moments.

Mota has been a staple in the Angels broadcast booth for 20 years as he began Spanish-language broadcasts for the team back in 2002.

The future of the LA Angels broadcast team is unknown.

LA Angels fans have been spoiled with the likes of Victor Rojas, Mark Gubicza, Jose Mota, and Alex Curry all being on fans' television screens for an extended period of time. Now, only Gubicza remains as Matt Vasgersian will return to do the play-by-play announcing with some time shared with Patrick O'Neal to fill in when he's unavailable. It comes at a time when baseball seems uncertain which means the deadline to fill in the booth remains flexible.

Last season, Vasgersian was leading the team as the play-by-play announcer with Daron Sutton filling in for him while he continued his duties with ESPN and Sunday Night Baseball. During the second half of the season, Sutton was replaced with Rich Waltz while Gubicza remained steadfast at his position. It's been a revolving door when it comes to who is the play-by-play announcer for the Angels and not having that kind of familiarity behind the booth can make the team lose some identity with fans.

The LA Angels need to stick with a plan.

It's been reported that Vasgersian will call more LA Angels games should there be a 2022 season, with him no longer doing Sunday Night Baseball. While Angels owner Arte Moreno has made questionable calls when it comes to player acquisitions, he's been great at finding on-air talent to make television screens come alive. While Vasgersian has been widely known throughout Major League Baseball, fans should have a voice in the Angels booth that makes them seem that they really care about the team and cheering the team on right with them.

While it's unknown whether the team plans to just stick with two in the booth or look for a replacement for Mota, the fans deserve to have someone that is going to stick with the team long term. Just like a player being loyal to the team, a team needs a play-by-play announcer that fans will always recognize and stick in the booth for a long time.

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