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Rod Carew, LA Angels
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In the LA Angels' 61-year history, they have retired five numbers. Well, they have retired six numbers including Jackie Robinson's 42, as every team has retired the trailblazer's number. Five of their retired numbers, however, come from members of the Angels.

The Halos are admittedly not one of the most storied franchises in baseball, but they certainly have had some truly historic players come through Anaheim. They have two historic players on their roster right now, and will look to continue adding to their list of retired numbers.

For now, this article dives into what they have currently--taking a look at some of the most dominant Angels of the past. Starting with the first owner of this franchise, here's a breakdown of the top five legends of the Angels' past:

No. 26: Gene Autry--LA Angels Owner

Gene Autry was quite the success as a musician during his storied lifetime, but he was also the first owner in LA Angels history. This was of course in 1961 when the league decided to bring two expansion teams into the game with one being the Angels. Autry owned the Halos for 36 years.

Very few mean more to baseball than Autry, who was the VP of the American League for 15 years. Autry passed 24 years ago, and when he did, the players requested that the No. 26 be retired for him. It's not just players that the Halos have recognized in this manner, but a man in Autry who is just as important to Angel history as anyone.