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Rod Carew, LA Angels
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No. 29: Rod Carew--LA Angels First Baseman

Rod Carew is one of the most memorable pure hitters in American League history. Very few have been able to sit back and achieve base hits on a consistent basis the way Carew did in his career, and they certainly couldn't make it look as easy as Carew made it look.

Carew hit .314 in seven years with the Halos, making the All-Star team in all but just his last year with the squad. Even in that year (1985), Carew still got on base quite a bit--recording a .371 on-base percentage.

He had a .393 on-base percentage throughout his Angels tenure, being a player that the team could always count on to have quality at-bats every game. He got his 3,000th hit with the Angels, a feat very few can ever say they achieved.

Carew is a Hall of Famer. To have one of his most iconic moments like his 3,000th hit come in an Angels uniform means everything to this organization. Unfortunately, Carew and the team don't seem to be on the best of terms these days. It is unclear why, but hopefully the relationship between the Halos and one of their greatest players ever gets repaired very soon.